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How do I create my own worksheets?

With the help of our website and our user friendly worksheet generators, you can easily design and create your own personal worksheets. Thereby, we offer two distinct but principally similar generators, of which you may chose one.

1) Our Simple Worksheet Generator allows you to create simple and complex worksheets. Thereby, you can see directly during the design process, how your worksheet will look at the end ("What you see is what you get").

2) The Wikipedia-Style Generator works similarly to the popular Wikipedia website. Thus, you can indicate texts, pictures or other HTML-elements in a textfield, while you follow simple formatting rules (e.g. [b]bold[/b] or [i]italic[/i]). With the Wikipedia-Style Generator, you cannot directly see, what your worksheet will look like in the end. But of course you have the opportunity to preview your worksheet through a preview-button.

Both generators utilize the same simple control panel on the side, which will help you to format your worksheet and will allow you to insert pictures, tables and lines, to color-highlight text and to insert input fields for your fill-in-the-blanks or other tasks and define the correct solutions for these fields.

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I'm a teacher. How can my students access a worksheet I created?

When you design a worksheet with one of our worksheet generatore, you have the option to define a so called "access-code" for this worksheet. You can always change this access-code. When you are done designing your worksheet, you should tell your students this code. They can then enter the access-code on our Index-Page (input field: "Do an eHomework", then press "go") and they will be shown your worksheet as a so called "eHomework". A student can enter his/her name and try to solve the eHomework. Through a "submit"-Button, the results for each student will be stored in our database and you, as the teacher, can access these results at all times. You can read in the next paragraph of this help page, how to do access the results of an eHomework.

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How do I get an overview over the results of an eHomework, which I assigned to my students?

Therefore, you enter the access-code of your eHomework (=access-code of the worksheet) on our Index Page into the field "See results of an eHomework" and then click on "go". You will then be given a complete overview of the eHomework. Each single student's score and mistakes (if mistakes were made) will be shown to you.

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Can I get BabelNation.com Coins for the worksheets I created? How much do I get?

Yes, you can at all times sell your finished worksheets to BabelNation.com for a certain amount of Coins. Thereby, you can determine a minimum price (5, 10, 20 or 30 Coins), below which you are not willing to sell your worksheet to us. Please have a look at the following guidelines for some advice on how to choose a good minimum price:

Guidelines for choosing a good minimum price for your worksheet:
5 Coins: Simple worksheet; e.g. with 6 or less input fields, or simple conjugation- or declination table.
10 Coins: Medium sized worksheet with 10 or more input fields. Well designed.
20 Coins: Elaborately designed worksheet with one thematically adequate picture matching the topic of your worksheet, 15 or more input fields and a carefully worded task.
30 Coins: Very nicely designed and elaborate worksheet with at least two thematically matching pictures and 20 or more input fields. The task has to be worded clearly.

After offering your worksheet for sale, we will decide on whether we accept your worksheet for the given minimum price or not.

- In case we are willing to buy your worksheet and include it into our database for the given price (or more), we will credit your account with the negotiated price. It might be important to know at this point that upon acceptance, you cannot alter or edit your worksheet anymore. Nevertheless, you will always be able to solve or print your worksheet, define access-codes and assign eHomeworks with this worksheet to your students. As the creator of this worksheet, you will always be granted these rights.
- In the rare case of rejection of your worksheet, we will hand it back to your account and you, as the old and new owner of this worksheet, will again be able to edit and alter this worksheet or simply submit it again for a lower minimum price.

After submitting a worksheet for sale, it can take up to 24 hours until we decide over buying it or not. You agree that in case of a successful sale, we will incorporate your worksheet into our database and it will then be searchable by all other members through our search function. Other members will also be able to buy access to the sold worksheet for an amount defined by us.
Read in the next paragraph, how you can buy access to other member's worksheets yourself by paying in coins, which you might have earned through a successful worksheet sale.

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Can I use worksheets created by other BabelNation members?

Yes, you can. In general, all worksheets, which were approved by us (meaning, which were successfully sold to us by our members) and therefore incorporated into our database, are accessible for everyone. However, please note that for each worksheet, which you have not created yourself, you will have to pay a certain amount of Coins from your member account. Yet, this should not pose a problem: The price for a worksheet from our database is on average 5 times lower than the amount, which we will pay you, if you sell your own worksheets to us. To gain access to a worksheet, simply use our search function on our worksheet index page and then click on the "buy" link, which will appear next to each found worksheet, to which you do not have access already.

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I have designed and sold some worksheets without having an actual account (only by using my email). Can I transfer the money I earned for these worksheets to my new member account?

Yes, you can. If you create and/or sell worksheets only using your simple email address as your form of identification, we will transfer automatically all worksheets AND Coins for the particular email address to your member account, once you sign up for one. Note that when signing up as a member, you have to use the same email address as the one you used to store your worksheets in our database.

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